Why the Cert IV TAE Course is Such a Very Useful Qualification

Useful Qualification

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has always been a hugely useful course. Once the qualification has been acquired, it usually means looking for a job in the vocational education sector. This often leads to a job at a TAFE college or a RTO (registered training organisation), but trainers and assessors can end up in what might seem quite unlikely places like care homes for the elderly and high schools. In fact, the Cert. IV in Training and Assessment (TAE) is a very versatile acquisition.

This qualification has become more relevant in today’s Covid-19 environment. Australia’s unemployment rate has hit a record high in the country’s first recession for decades. To deal with it, the federal government is shoveling huge amounts of money into the economy, including money for projects and job up-skilling. That means that anyone who has gained a Cert. IV in Training and Assessing will find that there are exciting opportunities available as trainers and assessors which were not so readily available a few months ago. Every time there is a recession or economic downturn many people have to learn new trades. Tourism has almost disappeared especially international tourism. But there are plenty of locals who can’t go anywhere else but their own home turf. So the skills involved in the tourism sector aren’t dead but have changed.

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Federal investment means new job skills are required for many

The federal government has decided that gas will help to lead the way out of the recession with billions expected to be invested in gas reserve research identification and development. That opens up a lot of required skills in the newly expanding sectors mentioned above and in turn, this means an opportunity for trainers and assessors.

Opportunities for trainers and assessors whose main work environment will be in the VET sector will be significantly higher because the direction of job growth favours those who are in the trades. For those who want to use the Certificate as a stepping stone to further qualifications, there are further courses that may lead to jobs involving managing training and assessment and designing courses rather than being a passive player in the training and assessment sector.

Cert. IV in TAE is a recognised qualification that speaks for itself

One advantage of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and related qualifications is that it gives a prospective employer an acknowledgment of someone’s knowledge and skills. Things like references that have traditionally been used to bolster a job application have less value these days as there has been a decline in the perceived value and authenticity of them, but the Certificate has its own validity that employers trust.

People who have been looking to start a Cert. IV Training and Assessment course come from all walks of life and not just those from the trades who are looking for a change in direction in their lives. Every new job will require training and the training will need to be assessed so that progress is monitored and standards are maintained. Not every person who completes a Cert. IV course in TAE will go on to become a trainer or assessor, but many certainly will and they will certainly be needed as the Australian economy picks up speed in the wake of the pandemic.