Why Earn a TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?

Earn a TAE40116 Certificate IV

One of the main reasons for completing this qualification is because trainers and assessors are in demand. These include training organizations like RTOs, TAFEs and even in workplaces.

Job opportunities available in the training and assessor industry

Trainer & assessor at a private registered training organization (RTO)

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These are Australian government authorized training organizations which have been given the right to teach courses that provide nationally recognised qualifications.

The industries that RTOs cover include:

      • Information technology
      • Accounting
      • Hairdressing
      • Child care
      • Bookkeeping
      • Aviation
      • Accounting

Throughout Australia there are 5,000 RTOs which employ experienced and qualified assessors & trainers in their specialist industries. If you are considering enrolling in the TAE-40116 Cert IV in Training & Assessment you will most likely find an RTO that offers courses in your own industry.

    1. RTO Assessor & Trainer Roles

Once you begin your trainer & assessor position at an RTO your job will involve two areas one of which is the teaching of the course and the 2nd is checking that your students know how to use the skills required. The method used for student assessment is just marking them as either competent or still to gain the competency required.

A student is defined as competent in the skills required if he or she has achieved the competency level by using the following assessment methods:

      • Completed hands-on projects competently
      • Answered correctly a set of written questions
      • Handled competently tasks involving problem-solving
    1. Working at a TAFE as a VET Teacher or VET trainer

Once you have completed successfully the TAE-40116 Cert IV in Training & Assessment you might be offered a job as a vocational education teacher (VET) working at an Institute for Technical & Further Education (TAFE). This takes on much the same role as the private RTO but is typically run by operated territory and state governments. In a few areas of Australia there may be several TAFEs that operate a number of different campuses. Every VET teacher and assessor who is employed at a TAFE institute both teaches and assesses students’ competency in several different industries in the same way as an RTO. All the training materials utilized are nationally recognized and prepare students so that they are sufficiently competent to take on a job using their chosen skill. Every VET teachers must have successfully undertaken and completed the TAE-40116 Cert IV in Training & Assessment.

    1. Workplace trainer

A workplace corporate trainer & assessor offers workplace learning on-the-job and is taken on by companies who need their employees to enhance their skills. A company workplace trainer ensures the company’s workers learn everything required to enable them to do the best job. If employees aren’t up-to-date it may have an effect on the company’s competitiveness. 

The corporate workplace trainer helps to highlight the skill gaps of the company’s workers and generates and puts into action a useful training program. The priority is to enhance employees’ performance while helping the company to reach its targets including the following:

      • Its sales quotas
      • Its service ratings
      • Keeping abreast of all competition

The tasks required of a qualified corporate trainer and assessor include: 

      • Formulating relevant handbooks
      • Organising tutorials for the company’s employees
      • Appraising training outcomes
    1. Opening your own RTO

If you have successfully completed the TAE40116 Cert IV in Training & Assessment and you know you have management skills you could open up an RTO yourself. This would enable you to provide nationally recognized courses. All you need to do is look for an industry that is present in your state which is in need of skilled workers and then offer to provide training for them. When you operate an RTO you are able to get willing students to enrol in studying for certificates and diplomas in skills that are of interest to them. You must hire the best trainers & assessors to teach and assess the selected training packages.

When registering your RTO you will have to make money available to support your enterprise, have competency in management and provide proof that your RTO complies with all local state regulations. You are rewarded by having the status of being your own boss rather than working for someone else.

There are so many choices available for anyone with the TAE-40116 Cert IV in Training & Assessment like the role of an RTO or TAFE trainer & assessor, a corporate workplace trainer and even beginning your own training business. You just can’t go wrong if you start your training today.