What You Need to Know About the Cert IV TAE Course Training

Cert IV TAE Course Training

The main problem for participants in this trainer and assessor course is that it is something that they are required to do rather than a course they want to do. It does present some key problems for participants, depending upon their prior learning and training.

One of these groups consists of people who have not been successful in earlier education while the other consists of people who have achieved success in the education sector, such as at university. The latter group must transform itself to dealing with a more concrete or hands-on environment which does not require the sort of cognitive skills that are needed to succeed at university. Many participants from this group are often disappointed by the lack of cognitive skills required to become a trainer and assessor. 

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Units in Competency primarily make up the components in the Certificate IV TAE. All these units have their own set of requirements. They overlap somewhat, which leads to repetition. This is not favoured by some of the participants.

Learning on this trainer & assessor course needs concentration, and sometimes the subject matter turns into jargon which can be repetitive and is often hard to learn. Therefore, to succeed requires engaging sufficiently with the course program from beginning to end. You will not succeed unless you are determined to do so.

Some participants think that the Certificate 1V TAE is just a short course that can be completed in a matter of days. However, there is a lot to do as well as learning the skills. These must be used in real situations with live vocational learners before any competency requirement is met.

This course focuses on competency which isn’t that easy to achieve as it is not simply the matter of showing you can do something once but you need to be able to do it over and over again and in many different situations. When you are being assessed in your competency you will need a genuine vocational learner to teach.

One of the problems with the Certificate IV TAE certification is that not all courses are deemed equal and some employers will not accept certificates from some RTOs. When interviewing candidates with certificates from certain RTOs employers have found the candidates fail the test incompetency. Some prospective employers will not accept anyone who appears to have taken a shortcut to complete the course.

If you achieve your Certificate IV TAE in the right way, your knowledge and skills will be soon noticed. This is because both your competence and confidence will be your leading attributes. The contribution you make when employed by an RTO will stand out when compared to someone who tried a shortcut to get certified. You will be able to write learning outcomes for your course participants without the need to give it much thought. You will know how to actively engage your charges so that they will learn something from you and if an auditor visits the RTO you will be able to show clearly how you are contributing successfully to the achievements of your learners. You will be rewarded for your efforts because you are contributing to the successful learning outcomes of your students.