How to Upgrade to TAE40116 from TAE 40114 for Better Career Prospects

How to Upgrade to TAE40116 from TAE 40114

Trainers & assessors throughout Australia are being encouraged to upgrade to the TAE40116 as it is now a requirement issued by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training for anyone who intends to either start work or to continue working as a trainer or assessor. This is because the TAE40116 contains much-needed knowledge to equip the modern training world. Any trainer who has the TAE 40114 will need to complete the whole TAE 40116 training program.

Since this requirement has been mandated many RTOs now offer the opportunity to upgrade by providing the additional training in stages.

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For trainers & assessors who are currently employed in the VET sector, the TAE40116 is an absolute requirement and they cannot continue to working in the VET sector unless they have completed the current TAE40116 certification.

Any trainer is given one year to complete the certification. If it takes longer than this the participant will not be able to qualify to complete the course assessment and have to retake the course program’s units. It is better to complete it within 6 months so the new material is fresh in the mind when ready to take on a new job.

The resources required to undertake the course

You should be able to access a desktop or laptop computer and a regular internet connection. If you don’t have one you could visit your local library and complete the work, usually at no cost as computers are provided by the facility.

As soon as you have decided to upgrade your qualifications by undertaking the TAE40116 you will have to choose a course provider. There are many available throughout the country and not far from where you live.

Once you have chosen your course provider you can expect to complete the course in around 600 hours. 596 hours. If you have already accumulated some experience in the VET sector, the time taken to complete the TAE-40116 is likely to be less. The majority of the course requires supervised learning but a small portion of it involves learning activities that are not supervised which may include conducting one’s own research, gaining work experience within the VET sector, involving yourself with training, and assessing activities in your place of work. If you have done any of this sort of work before you can ask for it to go towards the unsupervised learning component of the course. 

Units of the TAE40116

The TAE-40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment IV is composed of 10 units 9 of which are core units with just 1 elective. The units are:

The core units

      • TAE-LLN411 Addressing adult literacy, language, and numeracy skill sets
      • TAE-DES402 Using training packages as well as accredited courses to meet the needs of the client
      • TAE-DES401 Designing and developing learning programs
      • TAE-DEL402 Planning, organising, and facilitating workplace learning
      • TAE-DEL401 Planning, organising, and delivering group-based learning
      • TAE-ASS502 Designing and developing assessment tools
      • TAE-ASS403 Participating in assessment validation
      • TAE-ASS402, Assessing competence
      • TAE-ASS401, Planning assessment processes and activities

The one elective is called BSBC-MM401, “Preparing a presentation.”

Potential career pathways

The Cert IV TAE- 40116 qualifies you to:

      • Take part in train and assessing nationally recognised qualifications which includes Cert I to Cert IV, Diploma courses including advanced diplomas
      • Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) programs
      • Set up a training business and gain the satisfaction and economic reward by working for yourself
      • Take part in the complete process of design training programs through to delivery and assessment
      • Training and Further Education (TAFE) programs
      • Workplace vocational education and training (VET) programs

Those who hold the TAE-40116 are employed in TAFEs, RTOs, and any other businesses which are responsible for workplace training.

Enrolling in the course once you have chosen a provider usually involves completing a form online, paying the fee, and beginning the program.