The Satisfaction of Being a Trainer and Assessor

Training and Assessment Career

As soon as you begin a Cert IV training and assessment job you will find you are specialising in teaching and training adult students or a company’s staff members. Your work may be based in a technical and further education (TAFE) establishment, in a polytechnic, or in a workplace. As a trainer and assessor you will be doing the following:

  • developing, planning and delivering a course of study to suit your students in your specialist area;
  • developing, delivering and marking assignments, examinations and papers for your course participants;
  • offering academic, course–related and career advice to students;
  • delivering learning modules through a variety of different methods such as lessons, workshops, discussions and laboratory sessions;
  • utilising teaching aids like computer and multimedia tutorials, handbooks and visual aids;
  • keeping student records of attendance and progress;
  • evaluating present training methods and highlighting areas that could be improved;
  • offering advice to management on the success of staff completing on the job training;
  • setting objectives for training programmes and assessing progress.

The route to take to become a trainer and assessor

You must complete the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116) but to be eligible to enrol in this course you are usually required to hold qualifications in your selected field, as well as possessing industry relevant knowledge and skills.

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To get the most satisfaction from being a trainer and assessor the following six characteristics will help you achieve this.

1. You have extensive knowledge in your field

This means you have been working in your industry for quite a while and your extensive knowledge will offer you the best job satisfaction when you transfer your knowledge to others in your role as a trainer and assessor.

2. You have strong decision making skills

The ability under pressure to make decisions is a key feature of a successful trainer and assessor;

3. You are caring and compassionate

You are compassionate about people so you will get satisfaction from putting your students first.

4. You are modern day thinker

You are involved in new and forward thinking when trying to complete tasks as a trainer and assessor. This type of thinking typically engages students.

5. You strive to be highly adaptable

The training & assessment classroom environment is rarely exactly the same all the time. Each day is different when you enter a classroom so you need to be able to adapt to your students and moderate your style of teaching when required.

6. Your manner instils confidence in others

Your day to day interactions with your students should offer them confidence.

If you believe you have the characteristics as a trainer and assessor then you will get the job satisfaction you have always been seeking once you have a Cert IV training and assessment job.