Why the TAE40116 Course is the Preferred Course for Trainers and Assessors

TAE40116 Course

Like many Australians, you may be studying the TAE 40116 Cert IV Training and Assessment. It is a great option for skill upgrades and is now one of the possible popular training courses in the country. One of the best reasons for studying this course is the career options available once it has been completed. 

Just about all industries require competent trainers if they want to keep up to date with trends in their industries. Also as Australia’s is always changing and updating laws especially in relation to maintaining safe working environments it is important that trainers are available to teach the new compliance to workers in the context of their workplaces. It is for these reasons that competent tradespeople looking for a change and using their accumulated skills to pass onto others choose to enrol in the TAE 40116 Cert IV Training and Assessment.

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Benefits of studying the TAE 40116 Cert IV Training and Assessment

1. Great career upgrade

It opens up more career opportunities, allowing more challenges with an increase in salary. Employers often require staff to have this qualification so they can perform the duties of a trainer for new employees. 

2. The Cert IV TAE permits you to enter into the training industry as:

      • An assessor
      • A facilitator
      • A skilled trainer

3. Graduates of the TAE40116 can choose to work at an Australian TAFE or in a private vocational provider. 

There are opportunities also to work at any of the following:

      • A corporate entity
      • A government department
      • A privately funded college
      • A publicly-funded college
      • A private organization

4. How to qualify as a vocational trainer

A worker who has prior experience in a particular field may be considering using the practical aspect of their job and become a trainer and assessor. The Cert IV in Training & Assessment is a useful qualification to have. One example is if you have a Cert IV in Hairdressing and you undertake the Cert IV TAE40116, you will be qualified to train trainees who are completing any certificate which is equal to and less than the Cert IV Hairdressing which includes the Cert II & Cert III in Hairdressing. However anyone who has some training experience may be entitled to use prior learning (RPL) in order to enrol in TAE.

5. Obtain employment with a training organisation

A further benefit of a Cert IV TAE40116 is your eligibility to train at a TAFE or at a private training establishment such as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This enables you to transfer knowledge from your on the job experience to skill-based training.

6. Demand for trainers

There is a continual market requirement for those who have qualified in the Certificate IV 40116 in Training & Assessment. Many people undertake the TAE 40116 training so that they can be in the forefront in the job market because they have dual qualifications. A good example of someone who makes a good candidate is one who holds the TAE 40116 qualification and an OHS (safety) qualification because this indicates they have received adequate training safety and have gained a qualification while also possessing the knowledge to be able to teach that qualification too. Another useful dual certification is a combination of the TAE 40116 and a human resources qualification because HR professionals play a key role in updating training in a workplace.

In summary, the TAE40116 is a nationally accredited and recognised qualification and is easy to enrol in at many leading training institutes throughout the country.