TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Online Opportunities – A Glimpse

Training and Assessment Online Opportunities

This course can now be completed online and there is no waiting time to begin as you can enroll anytime. Online courses offer an easy-to-use learning system where all the units are completed online. Customised assessments are used to track your progress. The whole online course includes interactive learning materials to enable the student to progress quickly if they so wish.

Units for the course

The TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment IV offers 10 units, 9 of which are core units and 1 is elective. The 9 core units include the following:

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The core units are listed below

      • TAEASS401 Plan for assessment activities & processes
      • TAEASS402 Assess competency
      • TAEASS403 Taking part in assessment validation
      • TAEASS502 Designing and developing assessment tools
      • TAEDEL401 Planning, organising, and delivering group learning
      • TAEDEL402 Planning, organising, and facilitating learning within the workplace
      • TAEDES401 Designing and developing learning programs
      • TAEDES402 Use of training packages & accredited courses in order to meet the needs of the client
      • TAELLN411 Tackling adult language, numeracy, and literacy skills

Elective module

BSBCMM401 Preparing a presentation

Course length and period of enrolment

When enrolment has been completed, 12 months are then given to complete the modules. 668 hours is the approximate time to complete the course which is calculated based on how long an average student without experience in the vocational training and training sector would take to finish both the unsupervised and supervised activities. It will take less time to complete the course if you have some experience already in this sector.

Breakdown of hours

      • 472 hours spent on supervised online learning activities, 
      • 124 hours spent on unsupervised online learning activities 
      • 72 hours spent on assessment tasks. 

Supervised learning includes time spent working through the training modules and assessments.

Unsupervised learning includes the learning activities which you select to do.

This can include:

      • conducting research;
      • working in the vocational education & training sector (VET);
      • the reading of relevant newsletters and magazines;
      • becoming involved in training or assessments in your place of work. During the course, we give you suggestions for unsupervised learning activities that you can complete.

Some students may have already completed a specific activity, which can be characterised as an applicable unsupervised learning activity that may be used for any unsupervised learning on this course.

The recognition of prior learning (RPL)

If you think you have already gained competence in any units that are covered in the course, you may apply to get these skills recognised using the RPL process. 

Equipment requirements for TAE40116 are as follows:

      • The Internet speed should be adequate to view movies using YouTube;
      • A set of Speakers;
      • Access to email;
      • A minimum of Microsoft Word 2007;
      • A video camera which is used to record the assessment activities;
      • The course fees.

The TAE40116 certificate comes out of the course fee. However, if you are eligible, you may be able to get the fees paid by Centrelink but you must contact them before commencing the course.

Entry requirements for the online training package

The TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment once completed offers individuals with suitable knowledge and skills to both train and conduct assessments in the vocational education and training sectors. One of the key requirements for entry into this course is possessing experience and good industry knowledge in the specialist area you would like to be a trainer and assessor for. This is called vocational competence. You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for this course.

If you are between 45 and 70 years of age you may be eligible for a discount on the fees of up to 50 percent. This eligibility is defined under Australia’s Government Skills Checkpoint for the Older Workers Programme.

Online assessments

The online assessments provide you with the chance to practice both training and assessing in your own expert area. This is the best approach to accumulate confidence and adapt the course to suit your demands.

The assessment module of the online course is a mix of online and offline modules. You are provided with a virtual practice environment that you can access online, over the telephone, and through Zoom or Skype. This provides good practice for most of the online units.

There are a few units that require that you teach and assess learners in a face-to-face situation inappropriate workplace setting. With some COVID-19 restrictions still in force in some states, particularly Victoria, this component may not be possible to complete right now. However, if you can find suitable students to interact with online this might be a possible way of completing this part of the course. This online course is the ideal choice for those students who want to benefit from online courses and who may not have the time to attend a standard classroom environment.