Symptoms & Contagiousness of Corona Virus – Student Perspective

The world has had the misfortune to be now in the midst of a pandemic caused by the spread of a new type of coronavirus, more specifically known as COVID-19. Its symptoms are described as a severe form of flu or pneumonia. It seems to be wreaking havoc around the world and spreading in some places at alarming rates. It is known to be spread through droplets of water which are emitted when a victim coughs or sneezes. The spread has also been linked to droplets that have found their way on to hard surfaces like door handles and table tops which if touched not long after the droplets have been dropped could also spread the virus.

The symptoms of COVID-19 

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COVID-19 has some quite debilitating symptoms which could last for up to a fortnight. These include headache, sore throat, high temperature and shortness of breath. Thes symptoms are also the same as those of flu and the common cold, so without a positive test for COVID-19, it may be hard for people with these symptoms to know whether they could transmit the new virus or not. 

As there is no known cure or vaccine, the only remedy is taking temperature lowering products such as paracetamol or aspirin. It is not necessarily a serious illness, but it can disrupt your daily life and it is better to stay at home and rest and recover. You certainly don’t want to be out in the community spreading it to older people, as they are more susceptible to the worst symptoms of the virus, such as shortness of breath which may require hospitalisation. 

Contagiousness of COVID-19

Once endemic in a community, the virus seems to be highly contagious. The only way to reduce its spread is to isolate communities which are the centre of the virus. Many schools, colleges and universities have ceased classes globally and are designing study programmes for students to complete online. Workplaces around the world have sent their employees home to work online as well. To help yourself and the community, don’t shake hands or hug someone if you or they have the virus. Self-isolate yourself until your symptoms disappear. Even if you only have minor symptoms don’t go wandering into crowded places as you could be spreading the virus to others.

Students are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19

As soon as one student in a classroom or lecture theatre catches the virus, it can spread rapidly throughout the group and into the wider student community. This is why students have been advised to stay at home while the virus is spreading through their communities.

Don’t waste study time but enrol in distance education

If you are about to start a course of study but have changed your mind because you really don’t want a debilitating virus to delay your studies, then there is no better time than now to enrol in a distance education course. If you thought you did your best learning face-to-face, such as through workshops (and they may not be an option in the short term), you haven’t tried us. We’re a specialist online learning portal. We’ll be on hand to help you as you pace through our courses. Our industry qualified experts will answer your call/email queries in a jiffy to keep you on track with your learning. We won’t leave you on your own with a digitised textbook to labour through. We know online learning can and should be engaging, fun and can build solid knowledge retention.