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Connect News - Winter 2017


Brrr.....temperatures have dropped, the wind is chilling to the bone and yet on a positive note, the snow is falling to produce some great ski runs. There has to be some positives from the colder months! Winter is the best time of the year in the Far North and it brings lovely cool nights and magnificent sunny days averaging about 25 degrees, so the team at Connect speak of the cold with tongue firmly planted in check :-)

This year is just flying again and it seems as though we have only just put away the New Years decorations, lost those extra kilo's from Easter indulgences and its time to think about plans for Christmas again! We hope that where-ever you are, you are enjoying the football, brisk walks and warming times around the fire.

The Connect Team wish you a lovely Winter and Happy New Financial Year!.




Change is good

‘WOW, so many changes occurring in the VET sector. With the introduction of the new VET standards in 2015 as well as changes to Industry Training Packages, it has never been a better time to ensure you have reliable contacts and subscriptions in place to stay current with these changes and the impacts they may have on your current practices.

A couple of great links we subscribe to and can recommend are: ASQA and VELG .


New Trainer Qualification!

The nationally recognised VET trainer qualification (TAE40110: Certificate IV in training and assessment), has been superseded! We are one of very few RTOs whom have managed to pass the rigid audit requirements set down by ASQA to achieve the most current qualification, TAE40116 Certificate IV in training and assessment, on our scope of registration. Yes, we are quite proud.

If you are looking at achieving, or upgrading your superseded TAE40110 qualification to the current TAE40116, please check out our course options. NOW.

Changes from the TAE40110 to the TAE40116 include the addition of two new core units and a few changes to two existing units to apply more stringent conditions. You can review the new qualification here.


Diploma of VET (TAE50116)

We currently offer the most current TAE50116 Diploma of VET and/or the TAE50216 Diploma of training design and development as RPL pathways. Either of these qualifications are important career moves for all VET professionals. As per the Standards for RTOs 2015, as of 01st January 2017, VET trainers whom currently deliver and assess across the Certificate IV in training and assessment MUST also hold the Diploma of VET, or a higher qualification in adult education, to continue to deliver and assess the Certificate IV in training and assessment.

Please check this out now: Diploma of VET - RPL and the Diploma of TDD.

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