Do I Still Need to Upgrade my Certificate IV TAE?

Because some new core units were added to form the TAE40116 Cert IV TAE course some people are still wondering if they need to upgrade. Even though the new course was initiated in 2015, the requirement was to upgrade by July 2019. If you still haven’t upgraded, consider the information below.

The newest core units for the newer Cert IV TAE now have ASS502 &LLN411 as core units. Two of the older units have changed a bit as well and are not equivalent to the older units. These are ASS401 & ASS403.

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Anyone who has been working in a job as an assessor/ trainer when this newer Certificate IV became available may enroll in it and undertake a short RPL exercise which will help to plug gaps in the units that have been altered a little.  If you are unable to do this using RPL, you will need to do more work in order to complete the upgrade.

Why update to the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment?

If you haven’t yet upgraded you will have a competitive advantage if you do and it is important to remember that if you haven’t upgraded by the 2019 due date you could be rejected for any new jobs as a trainer and assessor.  This happened back in 2010 when the course TAA40104 was replaced by course TAE40110. Not long after employers were reluctant to hire trainers who only had the older qualification. It is best to prepare yourself now, so you have a better choice of jobs.

Also upgrading to the TAE40116 qualification indicates you are committed to professional development and remaining at the forefront of the industry developments.

In order to upgrade to the TAE40116 you will need the following:

    • You should have vocational competence in your teaching & assessing area. This means you must possess wide-ranging industry experience and knowledge.
    • You should have computer availability and access to the internet and MS Word installed.
    • You should have kept up with professional development programs since you were awarded the TAE40110, like continuous employment, attending seminars or conferences, and conducted research.
    • Ideally, you should be able to access a previous employer or a supervisor who is able to vouch that you have had a job as a trainer & assessor.

2 Course Options Available

Many RTOs provide 2 options that enable you to update the older TAE40110 to the newer TAE40116 Cert IV in Training and Assessment:

Option 1: 2-day live Virtual+ Class

This online Virtual+ class offers students the chance to complete every practical assessment task and take part in the Assessment Validation training online in only2 days. All the theory units will be covered too. Students will complete the updating kit and will be able to submit it when day 2 has been completed to the students’ portal. Students must attend day 1 in order to attend day 2.  Of course, it is important to follow closely any instructions the trainer provides.

Option 2: 1-day Virtual+ Live Class

This is a 1-day online pathway to fill the gaps. It is flexible and can be completed at home and communication with the trainer is live using an online webinar. The 1-day Virtual+ live class is offered via 2 x ½ day sessions over one month. Every enrolled student has the chance to cover the unit theory and finish some assessment tasks at the live session on the webinar. These 2X ½ day sessions don’t need to be completed on the same day. Any remaining practical assessments have to be finished outside of the 1-day Virtual+ live class sessions. If enrolling in option 2 students may have the chance to complete any gap training using Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) if entitled to do so.