The Five Most Common Questions About TAE 40116

Five Most Common Questions About TAE 40116

To save time for students considering taking the Cert IV in Training and Assessment (TAE 40116), there are a number of key questions answered to put you on the right track.

    1. Will I get a job with a Cert IV in Training and Assessment?

If you pass the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment this qualifies you to work as a trainer or assessor with colleges like the TAFEs or other Registered Training Organisations. What you learn during this course should enable you to deliver competency-based assessment and training in the workplace, or as part of a VET program which is structured.

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The sorts of jobs you may get include:

    • Vocational education teachers;
    • RTO assessors;
    • Enterprise trainers and assessors;
    • Training advisers or training needs analysts;
    • Trainers for human resources officer;
    • Registered trainers for training organizations;
    • Development and learning officers.

Being able to get a job is dependent partly on how well you market yourself using such things as your cover letters and job interviews. Often those given the responsibility for hiring tend to look at other features of you as well, which are unique to you. These include your work and life experiences, qualifications and skills, personal qualities such as if you are likely to get on with your co-workers and adopt the workplace culture. 

You can never guarantee a job whatever qualifications you have, but the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is generally the standard qualification required before you can be considered for any vocational assessing and training positions. So if you have an interest in following a career path in training.

    1. How Long Does the Cert IV in Training and Assessment Take?

As just an estimate, you can expect to take over 600 hours to complete the TAE 40116 course. This will vary depending on how much as a student you put into it. For example, if you have already gained some sort of experience in the training and assessment industry already it may only be necessary for you to just complete the work in the assessment workbooks. But if this industry is new to you will most likely need to spend far more time reading through the learning materials and undertaking extra research before completing the required assessments.

If you intend to complete your study online, you can complete the course at your own pace. The harder you study the quicker you will complete the workbooks. By planning in advance on how you intend to tackle the course you can devote your time to completing one section every week. You can select from six to twelve months to complete the course with the completion date being dependent on the pace you intend to work.

The benefits of face to face learning in a classroom are that an experienced trainer will be your guide and you are likely to complete the course more quickly than if you pursued the course online.

    1. Which is better: a face to face or online course?

If you have the time available to attend two weeks in a classroom, you should learn more with a face to face teacher. Many of the lessons are covered within the environment of a training room so your classmates could play the role as your learners for any of your projects. This will save you a lot of time. 

Online learning is suitable if you are working and can’t set aside enough time to attend a classroom. You can set your own pace and you can work on the assessment workbooks when you have the free time to do so. If you need any immediate help you can contact your trainer by phone or email.

    1. What is meant by the Unique Student Identifier and where do I get it?

The unique student identifier has been available since January 2015. It is quite simply a single, centrally located record of any accredited training you have completed since 1st January 2015. It is a mixture of 10 numbers and letters. It can be used by employers and RTOs to check what qualifications you have and add any new ones into your record when you have completed them. Got to and follow the instructions to get your unique student identifier.

    1. Is it possible to submit an application for recognition of prior learning (RPL)?

RPL could speed up your completion of TAE 40116, particularly if you have trained and assessed individual learners or been responsible for the designing of learning programs. If your RPL is accepted you may have to complete fewer units to get your Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

You may submit an application for a RPL if you are lucky to:

    • Possess similar qualifications such as the bsz40198 or taa40104
    • Possess relevant work experiences like working as a teacher in a school or a corporate trainer

You should tell the enrolment coordinator of your intention and submit the evidence which proves that you have up-to-date skills. Examples of proof include: course transcripts, certificates showing attainments, references from work, work history, job description and work samples. You will be asked to complete your RPL Kit and support it with evidence.