What you Should Know About a BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business

Useful Qualification

Upgrading qualifications is a great way to get ahead and there are a number of key advantages to gaining your BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business. They are:

    1. A way of gaining recognition for any skills you have already as well as new business administration skills.
    2. Help towards getting a promotion,
    3. Better employment opportunities and jobs in office administration.
    4. Fast-tracking onto further studies.

The BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business provides a great pathway to enter the dynamic and complex world of business. As a nationally recognised qualification, it is available to offer a firm foundation for the exclusive requirements of corporate and business environments.

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You will learn about:

        • Implementing Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) policies;
        • The details of financial reporting;
        • Up-to-date functions of desktop publishing;
        • The developing and utilizing of complex spreadsheets;
        • Producing dynamic presentations;
        • Evaluating and analysing information;
        • Tactics for problem-solving;
        • The basics of leadership skills.

The Certificate IV in Business broadens business knowledge which includes skills needed for administration and skills for basic projects. When the course has been completed new job opportunities will be made available across numerous business sectors.

This state-of-the-art qualification takes in the role of any individual who uses well-advanced skills and a wide knowledge base in many different contexts. They are able to provide answers to a range of many unpredictable problems while evaluating and analysing information from many different sources. They should be able to provide both leadership & guidance taking on some responsibility for others’ output.

Pathways following a BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business

After gaining the BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business eligible candidates may complete several qualifications at diploma level that come with Business Service Training Packages.

Entry requirements for BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business

There are not any precise entry requirements but you will require advanced numeracy, literacy and language skills. 

Entry requirements for domestic students

All applicants need to possess sound spoken and written English skills. You must prove this by completing a numeracy test and a language literacy test. You will need a laptop to complete these tests at or before enrolling in the course.

Entry requirements for international students

The entry requirements set for all international students are:

      • attain the age of 18 years.
      • you must have completed at least year 11 or its equivalent.

Obtain a minimum attainment of:

      • 5.5 in IELTS,
      • 46 in TOEFL,
      • 42 in PTE,
      • 47 CAE.

How the course is delivered

Most course providers run courses using trainers who have extensive real-life experience with business operations. The course can sometimes be delivered at a workplace to either an individual student or to smaller groups, It is possible to complete this course online and generally you are given around twelve months to do this but depending how fast you work you could finish it sooner. 

You are required to complete ten units for the BSB42015 Certificate in IV Business. There is one main unit for the course which is:

      • BSBWHS401 This is called how to implement and monitor Workplace Health and Safety policies, programs and procedures in order to meet any legislative requirements
      • There are 9 other electives which are selected based on work roles, job requirements and interest in business.

The key electives include:

      • BSBADM405 Organising meetings.
      • BSBCMM401 Making a presentation.
      • BSBINN301 Promoting innovation team environments.
      • BSBITU401 Designing and developing complicated text documents.
      • BSBITU402 Developing and using complex spreadsheets.
      • BSBLED401 Developing teams and individual CIV Business.
      • BSBPMG522 Undertaking project work.
      • BSBRES401 Analysing and presenting research information.
      • BSBRSK401 Identifying risk and applying risk management.

How practical and interactive is this course?

This is typically is both practical and interactive and there is plenty of time given to undertake and complete all of the assessments. There are reading tasks to do and there are some practical assessments to complete either at home, within the classroom or at the workplace. The assessment activities include a number of projects coupled with shorter written assessments as well as case studies.

Once you have successfully completed the BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business you have more pathways you can follow including further study at the university level. These include:

      • Completing a Diploma in Business. 
      • Completing a Diploma in Business Administration.
      • Completing a Diploma in Leadership & Management.