How to Make Your Online Learning Count

Online Learning Count

In order to ensure you successfully complete a course online, there are several strategies you need to use. These help you to get the most out of your online learning so that you pass the course.

Initiate a time-management plan.

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Because most learners have achieved their goals through classroom interaction online learning isn’t quite the same. One challenge that faces the online student for the first time is being self-disciplined which requires devoting sufficient time to the study requirements of the online courses. Failure to devise a time management plan may mean when the course is close to being completed not all the units of work have been completed which could be disastrous.

A rough plan should devote time for specific features of the online course such as allocating days for different tasks. For example, going through each lesson could be done in the first 2 hours of each weekday. The afternoons could be spent communicating with the tutor or course provider about your progress. The evenings could be devoted to writing essays or completing assignments. 

Developing a timetable that specifies the times when you log in to and take part in an online class and complete course activities like reading and undertaking research endorses a student’s success in the online learning environment. 

Emphasise online discussions.

Because online learning is in a virtual environment there is no teacher or other students present to interact with. However, online discussions do take place where interactions can take place and students can discuss aspects of their course. Emailing is one-way online course for participants who have never can interact. It seems that students who set time aside for communicating with course peers on a regular basis have far greater success. This is an online learning advantage.

Apply it or forget it

Online learning can at times be passive because the new knowledge isn’t being applied anywhere. This means new material is easy to forget. A student has to find a way of applying his or her new knowledge as soon as possible before it’s forgotten.  One of the easiest ways is to set up an online discussion with a fellow student as soon as possible so that the new material is still fresh in your mind. Another way to help knowledge retention is to keep a set of notes taken from the online course materials so the main points can be refreshed and retained.

Use questions to help online learning

In the online course environment there are communication tools available such as a threaded discussion, live chat platforms and e-mailing. The student can get a series of questions about the online course material ready and present it on the above platforms to initiate discussions to seek answers.

Stay motivated

Online students can lose interest and motivation partway through the online course. The student has to keep reminding him or herself that once the course has been completed successfully the prize will be won. The news of the success can then be shared with envious family and friends. Aiming for the highest grade for each part of the online course is a good method for staying motivated. 

Link up with other online students

Virtual classmates on the same online course could be separated by thousands of kilometres but linking up with them draws them all closer so that they all share something in common. 

Using threaded discussion online can help to extend online classroom discussions and the students don’t even have to know what each one looks like. They use the platform to discuss ideas so the physical characteristics of course participants mean virtually nothing. Many online students develop meaningful links with online classmates which often help later on if they are looking for contacts in their industry. 

Remaining motivated in an online class can be a challenge for students who choose to study independently. The students who develop a motivation strategy for online learning keep themselves from losing interest or giving out. Connecting with fellow students also helps to keep the student on task and motivated.