How To Find the Perfect RTO For Your TAE40116 Course

How To Find the Perfect RTO For Your TAE40116 Course

With more than 80 Registered Training Organisations currently offering the Cert IV Training Assessment course (TAE40116) across Australia, it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. It’s an important choice as once you’ve started, you may be stuck with your choice for 6 months or more.

That’s why we’ve made it easier for you to choose by giving you an idea of how to make sense of the differences between the way a course is offered at different RTOs. Look for the right combination that suits your learning style and circumstances and match it with the RTOs you are looking at.

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How is the course delivered? – online or face to face?

This is probably the most important choice you will have to make. It determines where you can do a course, how much it costs and other important things like your level of motivation. Online courses have the advantage that you can theoretically complete a TAE course from anywhere. A face to face course has to be done at a physical centre, so you have to live close enough to make it practical. Online TAE courses tend to be cheaper than those at physical centres, too, but although the cost is a major factor in choosing a course it should only be considered in relation to everything else.

One disadvantage of online courses that you should think about is that it favours more highly motivated students. If you are able to keep your commitment and enthusiasm going for several weeks or months at a time, then an online course may be the best choice.

Length of the course – is it long enough?

TAE courses have been offered of varying lengths in the past, but a consensus has developed that cheap, short courses don’t do the course justice. A course of at least 6 months should be the minimum and if you are looking at RTOs that are offering much shorter courses, you should be asking them how they manage to get through the course in such a short time.


How you submit your various assessments should be something to consider, especially if you choose an online course. There are different ways this can be done and you should think of what is best for you.

The main ways of delivering assessments are as follows:

● Online portal
● Dropbox
● Scan and email
● By post

Academic support

This can be an important criterion for selecting a course. You will need support throughout the course, but how will the support staff at the RTO you choose to respond? You should look to see how fast questions are responded to and how often support and feedback are given. If the RTO doesn’t address this aspect of the course they are offering, ask them.

Talking in front of other people

TAE 40116 is all about providing you with the certification to train others. People who opt for a TAE course come from different backgrounds, but if you haven’t had a lot of experience talking in front of others and delivering information and instructions, you will want to know that this experience is integrated into part of the course, otherwise, you will be ill-prepared for what the training and assessment course allows you to do later on.

We hope these 5 tips give you an idea of how to choose the TAE course and RTO that suits you. Every RTO is slightly different, but ultimately what you want to know is whether the RTO you choose will be striving to ensure you, their student thrives and succeeds.