How to Fast Track Completing the Cert IV TAE-40116 in Training & Assessment

TAE-40116 in Training & Assessment

A well knows fact about the Cert IV TAE40116 is that it is a national standard used in the Australian training industry. This means quite simply that anybody who wishes to begin or improve their career as a trainer/assessor needs to earn this qualification.

The content of the course is teaching you how to train and includes modules on designing, delivering and assessing your training programs by completing workbooks and completing projects. Each piece of work submitted means gaining the qualification gets closer.

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The most important aspect of this training is the desire by the participants to complete it as quickly as possible so that the benefits such as a more interesting job and a higher salary will be reaped as quickly as possible.

Turn your training experience into an enjoyable and manageable experience by following the suggestions below:

1. Use friends and colleagues

As far as completing the course successfully and assessing learners, you will need to involve at least 4 people who you can deliver training sessions of a practical nature to. These learners may be family, friends, colleagues or anybody who may wish to take advantage of your skills. Try asking your potential students well in advance so you can arrange a time and venue to deliver the training and provide lunch and travel expenses as an incentive to use their time. Another way of saving time is to get a colleague or friend who already has the Cert IV TAE40116 to supervise the practical training otherwise you will need to video the session and send it off to be assessed.

2. Don’t study online but choose face-face

The TAE40116 online course lets you cover the work and complete the course in your own time. It’s not necessarily the quickest option but is good for those who are in full-time work. However, the face to face study option suits a lot of people because you tend to focus better when a physical trainer is presently delivering the course materials. Also, it is easier to complete the practical assessments and your fellow course participants can be your learner group. If you attend the course every day for 2 weeks it will speed up your assessments. Overall, face-face participants complete the training quicker than those participating online.

3. Design, delivery and assessments

The Cert IV TAE 40116 training & assessment course units come under three key topics which are design, delivery & assessments. Each has a workbook and several projects and participants studying online can choose how to do them. You may treat each of the clusters individually or you may build on each and case study you finished in the 1st cluster so you have a head start when doing the assessments the cluster you do next as long as the assessment requirements have been met.

For example, the learning program created by you in the design section could also be used with the delivery cluster. When reaching the assessment cluster, you may assess your learner group by using the same learning program. Don’t waste any time so you should ensure your trainer checks to make sure you have met the requirements. 

4. Use the students’ portal when you can

As soon as you have accessed the student portal you will discover lots of useful resources which will help you complete the TAE 40116 more quickly. You can find the workbooks and the learner guides and there are also available recorded webinars for all the clusters which are available to view 24/7. Live webinars occur every week. You can make contact with your trainer using the students messaging facility. As you complete assessments these can be then uploaded using this student portal. Your trainer uses this system to offer suggestions for ways of improving your output so you should access this regularly so you do not miss anything important.


The TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment is the trainers & assessors’ national standard in Australia. It is a straightforward course to complete as long as you plan your schedule well in advance and set aside sufficient time to complete the required work.