How Long Will It Take Me to Complete the TAE40116 Certificate IV In Training And Assessment?

Time to complete TAE40116 course

There are many factors that can influence how long it will take you to complete this course. Some of the key factors are related to your background, your learning style, your education level and how much industry experience you have accumulated. Also, the time you have available to undertake the course.

Depending on which institution you attend you could get up to 18 months to complete the course. Many course providers leave it up to you to decide how much time you want to spend completing the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

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There are many options for completing the Cert IV in Training and Assessment through a mix of online learning, the workplace learning environment and through webinars.

Some of this help to fast track you through the TAE 40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

      1. If you choose to take part in some face to face workshops this will help to fast track the completion of the courses modules as you can pack in more learning in a shorter space of time. For example, a five consecutive days face-face workshop with a professional trainer quickly covers the key concepts concerning the Training & Assessment and you will also complete several core projects.
      2. You can also tackle even more learning if you attend 2 x 5 days’ worth of training & assessor workshops with an authorised training institute for training for the TAE 40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. In this time frame, you will not only work through tasks set in a workbook, but you will conduct demonstration training sessions in a classroom set up. You will not have to organise either the venue or the participants as this is done for you.
      3. Extending your face-face learning to 3 x 5-day sessions means you cover the first 2 weeks and then in the 3rd week, you cover the topics in the Assessment Cluster with direct supervision and help from an expert trainer. This is equivalent to doing 12 months of learning self-paced.
      4. You can accelerate the completion of your training even further if you attend 4 x 5-day face-face TAE 40116 workshops. At this stage, by the time you reach the 4th week, you will be asked to conduct assessments of other learners within a live vocational setting. This enables you to complete one-to-one delivery classes in order to fully complete the course’s vocational requirement.

Apart from participating in face-face workshops during the day, you can speed up your completion of the TAE 40116 by attending intensive evening workshops online. This is for people who have busy lives and need to work by day and study by night.

You can still get the luxury of an experienced trainer and you will attend 2 x 3 hour online workshops during the evening each week for twenty-eight weeks. This allows you to complete all the practical assessments by the end of the 28 weeks.