How Connect’s Online Courses Can Boost Your Career

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Not so long ago people used to stay in their chosen careers for very long periods, even their whole working lives. Things have changed enormously and in many cases, adults can end up changing their jobs and careers several times during their working lives. Of course, even here in modern-day Australia, there are those who for one reason or another stick with the job or career they know. This applies to farming and some industries, like coal mining, more than others. 

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There are many advantages to changing your career at some time in your life. There comes a point at which many people feel they have got as much out of a job as they ever wanted and are looking for a change. Some are looking for more money or more variety while keeping the skills they have already acquired. That’s where Connect Training and its superbly tailored online courses come in. They are designed to provide a new start in the lives of those who have already acquired business, trade and industry skills through completion of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course. 

What’s special about Connect’s courses?

Connect Training is a registered RTO that has been operating since 2008. Because its courses have been designed to be completed totally through the internet it allows those with commitments to family and job the ability to complete the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course at a pace which suits them best. Once completed, it allows certificate holders the chance to apply for a job in a TAFE or RTO providing training and assessment of the skill that they are most suitable for. This means the potential not just to switch careers but build on skills that have already been acquired to earn more money, seek promotion and gain satisfaction by direct contact with students and seeing them progress through interaction.

Connect Training allows those who wish to achieve the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to choose their own way of learning through ways that best suit them. Some might have plenty of time on their hands and decide to take the certificate IV in training and assessment fast track pathway, although the minimum time for completing the course is around 6 months. Others may decide to fit in the course bit by bit in between earning a living or looking after a family. Connect’s highly trained trainers and assessors can work out whichever way you want to take a course. They can be contacted by email, phone, Skype, Zoom or other internet video conferencing method most suited.

Are Connect’s courses expensive?

Connect’s course price structure makes it affordable for everyone who is thinking about a career change through completion of one of Connect’s online courses, listed below: 

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116);
  • Upgrade From TAE40110: TAE40116 Certificate IV In Training and Assessment;
  • Priority Marking For TAE40116 Students
  • AELLN411 Address Adult Language, Literacy And Numeracy Skills;
  • TAEASS502 Design And Develop Assessment Tools;
  • Dual Cert IV: TAE40116 Cert IV In Training And Assessment & BSB40120 Cert IV In Business;
  • Fast-Tracked BSB40120: BSB40120 Cert IV In Business For TAE40116 Cert IV In Training And Assessment Holders.