The Five Commonest Questions About the TAE 40116 Cert IV in Training & Assessment

Five Commonest Questions About the TAE 40116

Will I obtain employment with a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment?

When you pass the Certificate IV of Training & Assessment this will qualify you to take a job as an assessor or trainer in a TAFE college or another Registered Training Organisation (RTO). What you have achieved attending this course will qualify you to provide competency-based assessments & training in a workplace or part of VET programs which are structured.

The type of positions you might get include:

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    • A vocational education teacher
    • An RTO assessor
    • An enterprise trainer and assessor
    • A training adviser or training needs analyst
    • A trainer for human resources officer
    • A registered trainer for a training organization
    • A development & learning officer

Getting the right job will, to a certain extent, be dependent on how much you put into marketing yourself, like the quality of your cover letter and how you perform at a job interview. It is not just the qualification you have worked hard to earn but potential employers may also look at your life and work experiences, skills and qualifications, personal qualities like how you are may fit in with fellow-workers and take on workplace culture. There is never a guarantee of getting any job easily but the TAE 40116 Cert, in Training & assessment put you in the right position for a vocational assessment and training position.

What is the length of time required for completing the Cert IV in Training & Assessment?

In general, it could take approximately six hundred hours to finish the TAE 40116. This is typically dependent on the amount of effort put in by the participant. Anyone who has any prior experience with the training & assessment industry may only need to do the work found in the provided assessment workbooks. However, with less experience, more time will need to be put in studying and learning new skills.

The harder the participant studies, the faster the workbooks will be completed. It can be completed in a time frame that covers from 6 to 12 months depending on how fast the learner works. Experience has shown that undertaking the course in the classroom environment guided by experienced trainers generally means it will be completed far sooner than studying online.

What is best: a face to face or online course?

If the participant has sufficient time available to be able to attend 2 weeks in the classroom being guided by a face-face teacher, most lessons will be covered and classmates can act as learners for the projects that require evaluating the training and assessor skills of the course participants.

Online learning can be suitable if there is no time available to attend classroom sessions and the participant can set his/her own time frames and work and complete the necessary assessment workbooks when there is time available to do so. If you require any urgent help the trainer can be accessed via email or by phone.

What are Unique Student Identifiers?

This unique student identifier has been used from January 2015 and it is a one, centrally kept record of accredited training completed by individuals since January 1st 2015. It is made up of a combination of ten letters and numbers. It might be accessed by an employer and RTO to check the qualifications of people of interest to them.

Can an application be submitted for the recognition of prior learning (RPL)?

Having RPL may fast track completing the TAE 40116, especially if you have assessed and been responsible for training individual learners; or you have been given the responsibility to design any learning resources. If the RPL is acceptable, you may be exempt from completing some units in order to qualify for the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

You can submit an RPL application if you:

    • Have similar qualifications like the taa40104 or bsz40198
    • Have appropriate work experience such as being employed as a school teacher or as a corporate trainer

Evidence will need to be provided showing current skills. The proof may include:

    • Attainment certificates
    • Course transcripts
    • Job descriptors
    • Job references
    • Work history

Completing an RPL Kit will be necessary and it should be backed up with relevant evidence.