Exploring Training and Assessment Careers

Exploring Training and Assessment Careers

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a valuable passport to many possible training and assessment jobs available in the wider community. As Australia transitions out of the dark days of the Covid-19 induced recession, many tens of thousands of Australians will find they will need to retrain in a skill that has now become marketable, even if they have lost their old jobs that they once had before the pandemic.

Trainers and assessors are most often found in TAFE colleges and Registered Training organisations (RTOs), training students a huge variety of different skills. People who opt to complete an online or college-based Cert. IV in Training and Assessment come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many have chosen to take a break from trade and have a passion for interaction with others, enjoying the opportunity to pass on their skills as well as helping them to get a qualification of their own which hopefully they can use to get a job in the wider world of work.

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Once you have gained your Cert. IV in Training and Assessment, you may find your skills needed in a school or college, in a care home for the elderly, in a Work, Health, and Safety environment as well as in the more common vocational educational training (VET) sector.

While many people who are attracted to the Cert. IV in Training and Assessment has already had many years experience in the trade or skill sector that they will eventually go on to provide training in, they won’t have been used to the skills involved in the training itself, including setting up a course of study, monitoring progress and assessing students. In fact, the Cert. IV in Training and Assessment course is a lot more than just rehashing things that you already know.

Beyond the Certificate

Once you have completed the Cert. IV in Training and Assessment, there are several pathways open to you. Some certificate holders decide to go on to further study and the acquisition of qualifications which can mean doing more than just training and assessing existing VET and trades courses. The Dual Diploma of Training Design and Development and Diploma of Vocational Training and Assessment have a greater focus on assessment and particularly the design of courses and assessment options. This qualification means that you have the opportunity for more creative thinking rather than just delivering existing material. These further qualifications could lead to jobs such as a Learning and Development Manager, or a Senior Training Facilitator.

Another option for someone who has already completed the Cert. IV in Training and Assessment is the Graduate Certificate in eLearning. If you are comfortable with computer-based learning and training, then this could be a further qualification that could suit you. Once the Graduate Certificate in eLearning has been acquired, it could lead to teaching and training opportunities that are more catered towards students who have a unique learning style and more specific needs.

Jobs that a Cert. IV in Training and Assessment may help to get include the following:

      • Assessor
      • Trainer
      • RTO Assessor or Trainer
      • Trainer and Assessor
      • Training Advisor
      • Training Development Officer
      • Training Needs Analyst
      • Training Officer
      • VET in VCE or VCAL secondary school teacher
      • Vocational Education Teacher
      • Workplace Assessor
      • Workplace Trainer