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I confirm that all assessment tasks and/or evidence submitted by me to meet the requirements of the unit/course will be work I have completed myself. Connect Training Group reserves the right to make any enquiries necessary to verify information supplied by you, the applicant. I have agreed to pay the fees for my chosen course as detailed in the course information and payment options. Upon successful course enrolment, I understand that I will be issued with an Invoice to confirm payment has been processed and approved. I understand that once commenced, my course is non-transferable. I agree that my course commences at the time of my initial “log In“ or two weeks after Connect Training Group has supplied me with my “Log In” and “Password” details, or whichever comes first. Duration of the course enrolment period is detailed within the course information. I have also read and understand Connect Training Groups Policies and procedures and understand roles and responsibilities of all parties as indicated in Connect Training Groups 'Student Handbook'. To enrol online, I understand that I must be over 18 years of age or have consent from a legal guardian.

Connect Training Group agrees to: Keep all information collected confidential as subject to our Privacy Policy, this also takes into consideration data that needs to be provided to Australian Government bodies for statistical requirements, which complies with 'Data Provision Requirements 2012', and as detailed in our Student handbook and the policies on our website and will:

  • Provide all details necessary to login to my online course
  • Provide support for the duration of my enrolment
  • Provide necessary content and assessments to complete my course and/or RPL evidence requirements
  • Provide prompt assessment marking and constructive and supportive feedback on submitted assessment tasks
  • Provide a Certificate and/or Statement of Attainment upon successful completion of my course or for any units of competency completed at the end of my enrolment

Copyright and Intellectual property Course content is supplied in an online environment. Once enrolment has ended, access to Connect Training Group learning management system will be withdrawn. It is the student’s responsibility to save and/or copy any content as required for future reference purposes only. I agree that Connect Training Group retains intellectual property rights on all content found in course materials, including copyright contained therein. Therefore you are not entitled to reproduce any part of course material without the prior written consent of Connect Training Group.

Course Extension & Refund Policy Connect Training Group will not be obliged under any circumstances to extend the period of a student’s enrolment if the student has not completed the program/course in the allocated time. Once the allocated time for a given program/course has ended the student will no longer be given access to the course material. An enrolment can be extended with the payment of an additional fee. I understand that if I wish to continue with my course after the due expiry date, I must make application in writing to Connect Training Group. This request must be received 14 days prior to your course expiry date.

Please refer to Connect Training Group refund policy and guidelines as detailed in the Student Handbook.

Before you proceed further you need to confirm that you have read and understand the Terms & conditions of enrolment and have read Connect training groups “Student Handbook”.