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TAE40116: Cert IV TAA

TAE40116: Cert IV In TAA

Wishing to work as a trainer?

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Cert IV TAA for Dive Inatructors

Cert IV TAA for Dive Instructors

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Cert IV in Business

Cert IV in Business

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TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training- RPL pathway only

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TAE50116 Diploma of VET

This qualification reflects the roles of experienced practitioners delivering training and assessment services usually within Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. They may have a role in leading other trainers and assessors and in providing mentoring or advice to new trainers or assessors as well as designing approaches to learning and assessment strategies across a significant area within the RTO.

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RPL PATHWAY We are providing this qualification through a recognition process only. If you have extensive vocational experience in training and assessment within a RTO or similar organisation, this qualification pathway will assist you in having these skills and knowledge recognised.

This RPL process includes but is not limited to: responding to a questionnaire and providing specific evidence to confirm your experiences across VET; providing scanned copies of your qualifications, current training resume, professional development plan or skills matrix, as well as providing contact details for credible referees’ so we can follow up with your experiences, and a competency conversation between you and your Connect training group assessor.

Please note that enrolment into this RPL program does not automatically grant you the qualification.  After your evidence has been received and reviewed, you may need to submit further evidence if the initial submission is found to be insufficient.  We will guide you on what is required through out this program.

- Please note these are NOT pre-requisites, simply preferences

After achieving the TAE40110 / TAE40116 Certificate IV in training and assessment and vocational experience in training and assessment roles within an RTO or similar organisation where the focus has been on competency based training,


After achieving other relevant VET qualification/s and vocational experience in training and assessment roles within an RTO or similar organisation where the focus has been on competency based training and assessment,


After demonstrating extensive vocational experience in training and assessment roles within an RTO or similar organisation where the focus has been on competency based training and assessment


Upon successful completion of this RPL pathway you will achieve the most current nationally recognised qualification: TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training. 

Units to be completed and learning outcomes:

To achieve this qualification, the packaging rules require the successful completion of 10 units made up of 6 core and 4 elective units, as listed below:

6 Core Units
  •    TAEASS501: Provide advanced assessment practice
  •    TAEASS502: Design and develop assessment tools
  •    TAEDEL502: Provide advanced facilitation practice
  •    TAEDES501: Design and develop learning strategies
  •    TAELLN501: Support the development of adult LLN skills
  •    TAEPPD501: Maintain and enhance professional practice
4 Elective units: This elective choice provides an option for candidates to select the elective path most suitable for their skills and experiences, and / or other units can be selected based on any Diploma level units already completed, that meet the packaging rules for this qualification. 
  •     TAEASS503: Lead assessment validation processes
  •     TAEDES505: Evaluate a training program
Cluster: E-Learning
  •     TAEDES503: Design and develop e-learning resources
  •     TAEDEL501: Facilitate e-learning
  • TAELLN411: Address adult LLN skills

Once enrolled in this RPL pathway, you have a 6 month period to provide all required evidence or any associated tasks required for this assessment process.


Evidence and assessments allow students to confirm they can apply their knowledge and skills as indicated within this qualification.

Evidence and tasks can take the form of:
  •     Questionnaires / interviews
  •     Portfolio evidence as detailed in the RPL kit
  •     Direct Credit Transfer
RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS including Language Literacy and Numeracy Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course, however you will need to:
  • Have current and extensive experience working in a RTO or training enterprise as an experienced practitioner delivering training and assessment services within the VET sector (for a minimum period of 2 years) and have lead a team of assessors to develop their skills
  • Preferably have already obtained the TAE40110 Certificate IV in training and assessment or other relevant training/teaching qualifications
Sufficient language, literacy and numeracy skills to:
  • Interpret and comprehend written information to develop learning and assessment content and processes
  • Language skills at high levels to maintain communication and networking skills, conduct interviews, meetings, focus groups as well as provide feedback to stakeholders
  • Numeracy skills to calculate timings for the delivery of learning programs as well as analyse figures and percentages to report on feedback and attendance.
  • Business technology skills to use software programs to develop learning programs and feedback tools and reports 

Upon enrolment you have the option of paying a discounted upfront full amount as currently advertised for this program, ($1500).

Or paying a bit more under a payment plan, consisting of an upfront payment of $550 and then 4 x fortnigtly payments of $350 for a total fee of $1950.  Please note that the initial payment plan fee is non-refundable if you decide not to proceed after we have reviwed and assessed your evidence.

You can pay upfront at time of enrolment and only pay - $1500!

We recommend you read Connect Training Groups Students’ Handbook to ensure you are aware of your rights and responsibilities as a student.

No matter what your experience, our qualified trainers are here to assist you with any questions you may have or problems you may encounter while undertaking your training.

For more information about this course please contact Connect Training group on:

Phone: 1300 737 434                    Email:Connect

Normal Price AU: $1,950 | Special Price AU: $1,500
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