TAE40116: Cert IV TAA

TAE40116: Cert IV In TAA

Wishing to work as a trainer?

This is the qualification you will need.
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Cert IV TAA for Dive Inatructors

Cert IV TAA for Dive Instructors

Are you a qualified DIVE INSTRUCTOR?

This FAST TRACK course is for YOU!
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Cert IV in Business

Cert IV in Business

Climb the corporate ladder!

Take control of your business career options.
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TAELLN411: Address Adult LLN Skills

Normal Price AU: $275 | Special Price AU: $220

As a trainer / assessor, it is important that you understand and can identify and apply the language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) requirements of the programs you deliver, as well as the current core skills of your learners.

Having this information will allow you better understand the requirements of the programs you deliver training across, as well as the current core skills of your learners and how you can better support them. 

This course is designed to give you these skills!

This unit is a CORE unit in the latest TAE40116: Certificate IV in training and assessment.

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Project Management

Normal Price AU: $520 | Special Price AU: $380

Pursuing a career in Project management? 

Looking to achieve a promotion or that management position you have only dreamed about? 

Want to show you have what it takes to manage any project?

This short course will enable you to work as a project manager (or project team leader) by developing the practical skills and knowledge required to design, implement, manage, close and review projects.  No matter what size the project! 

This AQF level 5 (Diploma level) short course will assist in developing these in demand skills and provide you with a statement of attainment for a nationally recognised unit of competency.  
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WHS/OHS in the Workplace

Price AU: $270

It is the responsibility of everyone to have a good understanding of WHS/OHS processes to be followed to ensure the safety of others, as well as yourself, within a work environment. 

This short course is especially applicable to those who have a supervisory role in ensuring the safety of others in the work environment.  Successful completion of this course will lead to a nationally recognised statement of attainment for a unit of competency, which is a core unit from within the Certificate IV in Business (BSB40215).

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Mentoring in the Workplace

Normal Price AU: $350 | Special Price AU: $280

Mentoring is an important and vital role for managers and supervisors.  There are many opportunities to get it right or very wrong!  This short course will provide you with the necessary skills to make sure you develop a professional mentoring relationship with your trainees or apprentices and to make a difference in their development as effective employees.
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Exceptional Customer Service

Price AU: $585

To survive in Business it is imperative to provide exceptional customer service. High-achieving work places and organisations recognise the importance of staff working effectively with their customers.  Customers vote with their feet!  This course aids participants in developing a "customer first" attitude and the practical people skills required to demonstrate to customers that they really matter.

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Leadership Skills

Price AU: $270

Not achieving the team effort to get the job done?
This short course will assist you in getting the most from your team
Discover ways to compliment each individuals personalities and skills and learn how to motivate and develop your TEAM.

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Successful Marketing!

Normal Price AU: $620 | Special Price AU: $450

Whether you manage or own a small business, are looking to get into a marketing role or want to improve your career prospects with additional qualifications this marketing short course will give you a basic understanding on how to implement marketing strategies and how to promote products and/or services.

This short course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Understand the basics of marketing
  • Effective selling techniques
  • Legal requirements relating to marketing activities
  • Determine your market and - The Market Mix
  • Plan promotional activities and set objectives
  • Understand the consumer decision-making process
  • Develop a Marketing Plan
  • Review and report on promotional activities
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