Complete Road Map to Success with the Cert 1V Training & Assessment Qualification in 2021

Success with the Cert 1V Training & Assessment

Key benefits to mapping out a new career path today as a trainer & assessor cannot be underrated as the economy gets back into full swing after the COVID-19 tried to take over the country completely. Job openings are at their highest level ever with the reduction in migrant workers gathering pace throughout the last 12 months. If you have built up several years in your own skills then this is the time to use your accumulated knowledge in the training and assessing sector.

People who are most suited to joining the career path of trainers and assessors have the following characteristics:

    • Be efficient
    • Pay attention to detail
    • Possess the ability to lead learners to success

The 10 key leadership attributes for a trainer and assessor are:

    • Believing in ones’ ability to transfer skills to students effectively;
    • Teaching with passion
    • Has integrity and won’t cut corners to save time and compromise the quality of learning
    • Good at decision making
    • Managing time effectively
    • Possessing a firm but pleasant personality
    • Be both sympathetic and understanding regarding a student’s situation;
    • Must pay great attention to details
    • Take full responsibility and being accountable if something goes wrong;
    • Being cooperative at all times builds the best relationships between students and their trainer and assessor
    • Co-operation is essential when it comes to the successful relationship between a student and their trainer and assessor

If you believe you have the above attributes you will gain the following after you have completed the Cert 1V Training & Assessment:

    • Be working in Australia’s vocational education sector where earnings are much greater than the current national average.
    • Make you feel more valued because you have earned the best of Australia’s training qualification,
    • Influence the success in others’ lives by assisting students to improve their options.

The skills you learn throughout the course are sufficient to deliver all workplace competency-centered training and assessments or as part of VET programs.

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Potential job openings for someone who has successfully completed the Cert 1V Training & Assessment Qualification in 2021 are:

      • Officer in charge of human resources which specialises in the trainer
      • Enterprise assessor or trainer
      • An RTO assessor
      • A vocational education trainer (VET)
      • A training analyst or adviser for training requirements
      • A Registered trainer IN a training organisation (RTO)
      • A learning and development officer

When studying potential openings with the TAE-40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment there is no lack of opportunities available ranging from a TAFE or RTO assessor, a corporate trainer, and starting up ones’ own training business.