Can the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Be Completed Quickly and Economically?

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training

Learning new skills doesn’t mean it can be done quickly. To be competent as a trainer and assessor you need to have the knowledge to complete the tasks required to follow that career path. One of the reasons the TAE 40116 was planned was to provide a course that would take a few months to complete and not just a few short days. At its onset, some RTOs who were offering the course claimed it could be completed in just 2 days. That is equivalent to a newly qualified B.Sc. graduate taking up a teaching role in a school when no prior teacher training has been completed, which can take up to 12 months.

If anyone is told that the TAE 40116 is a short course, then they have been given the wrong information. Observing participants in the course, those who choose self-paced learning, which means they complete the course requirements at home, typically take around 7 months to proceed through the course requirements. Even if a 5-day practical workshop is completed at RTO premises, the completion time for the training is still likely to be between 4 to 6 months.

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If a participant chooses a course which requires that 15 days takes place in the classroom and some practical activities are completed as well, the TAE 40116 may be complete in around 3 months.

Overall, though, the time taken to complete this course depends on the individual including specific features like:

    • Work and life experiences
    • The amount of time given over to coursework
    • Prior training
    • Existing skills & knowledge

Depending on the RTO the participant has enrolled with, there are some approximate time frames such as:

    • A 12-day program, specifically suited to anyone who is new to Vocational Education and Training and has no previous experience in training can expect the training to last from 9 to 12 months
    • A 5-day program, specifically suited to Secondary Teachers involved in VET in Schools which could take 6 to 8 months to complete
    • An 8-program, suited to Secondary/VET in Schools Teachers, as well as for current VET workers and Workplace Trainers could take from 8 to 10 months to complete
    • An online program takes a bit longer to complete at up to 12 months

There is one way these approximate course length times could be reduced and that is getting Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or following an Assessment Only route for either the whole course or a few parts of it. Even though many people who are interested in completing the TAE 40116 as quickly as possible there is a lot of work that needs to be covered so that course participants have the required knowledge through being provided with a quality learning experience so that graduates are correctly prepared to take up a career in as trainers and assessors.

Some RTO providers have been de-registered and even certificates issued to the RTO’s students have been removed because the courses hadn’t required enough learning materials while failing to allow enough time to develop essential knowledge and skills.

Some of the better RTOs can say they have an 80 percent completion rate for the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Overall, course participants require enough time to complete the course content, become familiar with the acquired knowledge, apply what they have learned in a practical setting and achieve the ability to work as a competent Trainer and/or Assessor.

The virtual classroom is the cheapest way to complete a TAE 40116 in training & assessment which costs approximately $1,450.