14 Business Administration Skills Employers Prefer

Business Administration Skills Employers
    1. Communication Skills

Be able to competently and swiftly answer phone calls, emails, and face-to-face inquiries, in an efficient and polite manner. If you are able to deliver constructive comments which do not belittle employees because their work isn’t up to scratch is a sought after skill by employers.

    1. Technology Skills

Must have skills using Microsoft such as excel and word as these are core to an office environment.

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    1. Database skills

The ability to organize data clearly is another important skill required for effective business administration.  This includes managing spreadsheets and managing offline filing systems.

    1. Detail focused skills

Remembering detail and executing every task in a consistent manner way is a fundamental business administrative skill. This includes routine tasks like the time you need to send mail to the mail room and how your boss prefers his/her coffee.

    1. Written Skills

Being digital literate is the main key to survival in business administration, but writing is necessary too. If you are able to compose a great text message, an email, a social media post and any other written communication effectively and quickly your employer will see you as valuable, far more than you would ever think.

    1. Managing your time well

This means dividing your day up so all tasks can be completed in a specific time frame such as allotting 60 minutes to morning emails, booking meeting venues and ordering food for the day’s lunch meetings in just 30 minutes.

    1. Solving Problems

Providing a solution, rather than highlighting the problem only, is a resource that most employers appreciate. 

    1. Supervising, delegating & team work

Allocating the jobs that require less skills to the least experienced team member, while reserving the more challenging jobs for yourself will ensure all jobs are completed on time. You will not get the respect from your employer if you stress yourself out trying to complete all the tasks by yourself.

    1. General admin. skills

From good tidying to filing, record-keeping &receipt management there are so many small skills that require good administration. 

    1. Customer service skills

Customer service skills are crucial to any business that involves customers. If an email or letter arrives into an office sent by a customer and requires a quick response be on the go to provide one so that the customer knows s/he is valued.

    1. Planning skills

If you have been asked to organize the business’s Christmas events well before Christmas get started on the plan immediately. Draw up a timeline so that you are certain everything is completed when it should be. 

    1. Being Resourceful means a lot

Resourcefulness is that crucial skill liked by many employers. If you have the ability to find newer solutions to current problems, you will find your reputation and value will suddenly increase. 

    1. Budget managing skills

Another key skill which employers require in their team is being able to competently manage money. This can range from petty cash management to massive budget management for company events and wages. When your management skills involve cash, keep records of cash that flows in and out of the business. 

    1. Social Media Management

It’s 2020 and competence in using social media means more to businesses than it ever has.  If you need to brush up your skills so you can help your business’s social media presence go to your social media and link up with anyone who knows more than you. If you watch millennials’ posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, you will be preparing yourself for the next generation. They will know, for example, what a winning hashtag is and one which is unlikely to create any interest.