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Who We Are

What Students Love About Us

The Connect Difference What’s special about our courses and trainers?

Our courses are structured to support you all the way and our trainers and learning materials are a big part of what makes us successful.

Our learning materials are the highest quality available and are designed by the skills service organisation Innovation & Business Skills Australia. These materials provide not only excellent training but a reference for industry best practices and essential document templates that our graduates use even after completing their qualification. Instead of needing to read textbooks you will learn interactively with our highly interactive online learning system.

Our trainers and assessors are all in Australia and they all have current vocational competence in their fields of expertise enabling them to bring a real-life approach to their support and assessment of students. Our assessments are designed to build your confidence by providing the opportunity to undertake tasks in your workplace. Our assessors are skilled at helping you contextualise assessments to your workplace or experience to ensure your study is made relevant to you. It is not always essential to have a workplace.

How do we provide flexible courses online that ensure interaction with real people?

Our courses are structured to include regular phone, skype and email contact with your trainers and assessors in Australia. You will work with them regularly to plan the best way for you personally to undertake each assessment, get support while you study and undertake assessments, participate in assessment tasks such as role plays, consultations, presentations and more.

What about the price?

Our prices are highly competitive, but they are not the cheapest out there. Our price reflects our quality.

We have quality systems, support and training materials in place to ensure we meet our main goals of helping you finish your course and graduate with real skills and confidence. The cheapest courses are much cheaper to run especially as they often have high enrolment rates and low successful completion rates.

Our support is excellent, and a phone call will connect you with a trainer in Australia unlike cheap courses that are often poorly supported.

Our training materials are second to none and designed by the skills service organization that is the specialist in the fields we offer. Not all training materials are created equal and the cheapest courses often have cheap training materials that are harder to use and contain a lot less essential information.

How do I enrol?

Look through our website at the courses you are interested in. You can complete an enrolment application right away online and it only takes 4 minutes. If you’d like to discuss our courses before you enrol, don’t hesitate to call 1300 737 434 or send us an email.

Who's behind Connect?

Connect was founded in beautiful tropical Queensland in 2008. Connect is led by a dashing and intrepid team of 10 and growing. Our headquarters is the Internet: We’re a 100% remote company where each Connectster is free to work wherever they are happiest. We’re building a 100% remote team dedicated to maximizing our impact, continuously improving, and enjoying the journey. Connect is still 100% Australian family-owned and a proud Australian small business. If you are interested in working with us, drop us an email. We typically hire on fit over need, so if you think you’d be a great match for what we do here, we’d love to hear from you.

Company Details Connect Training Group Pty Ltd

  • ABN
    41 128 696 891
  • ACN
    128 696 891
  • RTO

What makes Connect so valuable?

  • Affordable 01

    Prices for nationally recognised training vary wildly. We offer affordable courses but at the same time make sure that what you receive is top notch. Quality does come at a price, but it doesn’t have to break the bank!
  • Achievable 02

    Our learning materials are engaging and subject to continuous improvement, which makes your learning journey easier and motivating. At Connect, you have an excellent chance to complete your qualification!
  • Efficient 03

    No one wants to waste time and everyone is busy enough. That’s why we emphasise efficiency in our delivery methods to make sure you progress as fast as possible without sacrificing your skill development.
  • 04 Excellent Materials

    There are a lot of training providers that use materials that are outdated or cumbersome. We always have our students in mind and strive to make our materials as easy to understand as possible.
  • 05 Experienced Trainers

    Our trainers and assessors have first-hand industry experience and often hold more than the required minimum qualifications, giving you a head start when it comes to learning and completing your qualification.
  • 06 Nationally Recognised

    We’re a Registered Training Organisation and have been delivering nationally recognised training since 2008, proving time after time that we can meet even the strictest standards.
Our vision

To enable learners to achieve their chosen career goals by providing flexibility in accessing training. To provide excellence in training and support provided to assist learners on their path to career satisfaction.

Our Mission

To provide training that is accessible and achievable for everyone. Develop and provide course content and material that is informative, yet interesting and engaging. Allow learners to choose their learning pathway and method of assessment to prove competence. Make training fun and supportive to ensure we encourage a continued search for knowledge, professional development and up-skilling.

How We Do It

Connect Training and Education specialises in online courses for Australian professionals so that you can study in your own time.

Upon enrolment, you receive access to our online learning platform where you can access your courses resources. We’re constantly upgrading and changing this platform to make it as engaging as possible for our students.

Your assessments are reviewed by qualified trainers who hold all prescribed qualifications and will do everything to help you with your studies.

Our approach can be summarised in the “Connect Big 5”:
  • Qualified trainers with relevant industry experience
  • Up-to-date course materials that make learning easy and fun
  • A commitment to continuous improvement
  • Friendly student support and fast responses to your emails and calls
  • A clear commitment to student progress
Why Us

We provide one-on-one support to you for the duration of your enrolment with us. All our support staff are fully qualified trainers who have years of experience in their areas of expertise.

We enable all learners the opportunity to undertake professional development. If you have access to the internet you have access to our courses, no matter where you live.