6 Key Reasons Why Vocational Training Is All You Need

Australia’s vocational training sector offers a great range of study possibilities. They lead on to hands-on trade jobs and semi-professional jobs in business, accounting and even law.

Benefits of Vocational Training

    1. Vocational study is not just the choice of local students, but increasingly more international students are selecting these types of courses. Each year across the country there are around 599,860 enrolments in courses with at least 150,000 being in the Vocational education and training (VET).  Enrolments are increasing every year and Indian students are becoming the most dominant student group followed closely by the Chinese, Koreans and Thai students.
    2. Vocational courses are offered by a number of different providers. The key three include Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes which are government-owned, private universities and colleges. These days, Australian universities are operating in two sectors. meaning certificate courses and higher degrees through research are both provided to meet the demands for different types of courses and VET training. Some TAFEs are also offering bachelor degrees which offer students the chance to move on to university level courses at a later date.
    3. The VET areas are generally more accessible than most higher education degree courses. A student can join a VET course from after completing either Year 10, Year 11, or Year 12.  This differs from the area of higher education where students need to complete Year 12 level with good grades and also specialize in the subjects offered at university level.
    4.  For those who prefer to access the job market quickly VET courses provide that opportunity as the length of VET courses tend to be shorter than standard BA/BSC courses.  You could be out earning a wage within 12 months if you choose your VET course wisely. If after completing a course you find you don’t really think you are suited to the job you can try another pathway until you get the job you really like.
    5. If you haven’t got the grades required to enter a university degree course just at this moment you can enrol in a VET qualification which can act as your pathway into higher education. You can take on a diploma course and then go onto a degree course from there. This could be the opportunity you are looking for but you should work hard on your diploma so that you can be eligible to be granted Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) which could provide you with the route for obtaining a higher qualification.
    6. There’s a chance to get permanent residency as an international student. If you choose a vocational course or another type of course in any of the following areas it may give you a better chance of being eligible for permanent residency in Australia.
        • Winemakers
        • Telecommunications
        • Network Planners
        • Sugar cane growers
        • Software Engineers
        • Applications & software programmers
        • Project Builders
        • Private tutors or teachers
        • Primary school teachers
        • Poultry farmers
        • Pig farmers
        • Pastry cook
        • Occupational therapist
        • Paediatricians
        • Orthoptists
        • Optometrists
        • Mixed crop farmers
        • Middle school teachers
        • Information technology
        • ICT Security Specialists
        • ICT Customer Support Officers
        • Hospitality industry
        • Healthcare sectors
        • Flower growers
        • Engineering
        • Education
        • Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) teacher
        • Dieticians
        • Dairy Farmers
        • Cooks
        • Manager for Construction projects
        • Construction estimator
        • Civil Engineer
        • Chemical Engineer
        • Chefs
        • Building & Engineering Technician
        • Building & construction
        • Biomedical Engineer
        • Architectural, building & surveying technicians
        • Agriculture & poultry farming
        • Agricultural Engineers
        • Aeronautical Engineers
        • Hospitality and Accommodation Managers

Before enrolling in a VET course it is of course in your best interests to have some sort of aim regarding career or job channels. However, you can also sit back and wait and see how you go with your chosen VET course before committing yourself to a career for life.

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